I Hate You I Love You: Part 2

The next morning, I had classes until 11 A.M. As usual, I would be hanging out with my best friends, Abigail and Juliet at the university’s coffee café. It was our meeting place every time we finished our classes at 11 A.M. As I was near the café, the smell of brewed coffee invited me into the café. Once the bell rung to me entering the coffee shop, I searched for my best friends. “Arabella!” someone shouted from the center of the café. I immediately moved my head and eyes to find the centre of the café, and smiled a big smile and waved my hand energetically as I found out who called my name. It was my best friend Abigail and Juliet, waving back at me with a smile on their face. As I approached the table that they were sitting in, I bumped into a person I despised my whole life, Chris Tradwell. Once I apologized for bumping into him, I made way to my friends’ table. “Bonjour madamemoiselle” Juliet said as I pulled a chair to sit down. “Bonjour à vous aussi” I replied confidently “comment ètait te classe?” she asked back “comment d’habitude” I replied as Abigail stared at both of us amused at our exchange. “You’re getting better at your French, Arabella” Juliet said happily “well, you see, I have this great tutor. She is so strict if I don’t remember a number of vocabularies” I said sarcastically, and we all laughed at my remark. As we were talking, laughing and sipping our coffee the time passed by, and it was already 2 P.M. Once I realized the time, I quickly packed my things, and told my Abigail and Juliet that I was late for a check-up. When we were about to exit the café, coffee spilled all over my white blouse. “Oh god. I’m so sorry!” the person who spilled the coffee said frantically, he then took some tissues and tried to wipe off the coffee off my blouse “stop.” I said in a small voice “Hey! I said STOP!” I shouted when he didn’t hear me the first time. He stopped, and was in shock “look I’m really really sorry. I’ll pay for dry cleaning.” He said giving me 50$ “no, it’s fine.” I replied giving back his money, “then buy a new blouse.” He said giving me his money again, I gave it back and said I was fine and stormed out of the coffee shop.

I went to my dorm, and changed to a new blouse, then rushed to the building with the words ‘HOSPITAL’ written on the building.


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