I Love You I Hate You Part 3

“Hey, doc!” I shouted from a distance as I run, and smell the aroma of medicine, and seeing people using white coats coming in and out of white rooms. “Hey, Arabella. Could you wait in the room? I need to go turn some stuff in” he replied holding some brown floders in his hand “oh, okay.” I replied to the white suited doctor as he rushed away. I went to the room that I have known for a long time. It was always the same. Papers stacked neatly on the table, the all white room with no hint of dirt, and the framed drawings of little kids, one was named ‘Elijah.’ His drawing had his brother, mom and dad playing together outside. 

“Hey, sorry for making you wait,” the doctor said as he came back to the room.

“Umm.. It’s alright,” I replied taking my usual seat in front of his desk.

“Okay, so, lets see,” he said as he looked over the papers “lets do some check ups, before I tell you anything else,” he continued. 

The doctor took his stethoscope out, and then checked my heart beat. The feeling of metal gave me a sudden shiver. As I was told to inhale and exhale a few times, he then checked everything else as usual; blood pressure, temperature, etc. After he checks them, he goes and write some things down on a piece of paper in the brown folder with a name tag ‘Arabella Veronica Sanchez,’ it was my name written on the folder. There were a few folders stacked on top of another, which also had my name on it. 

“Okay, it looks like everything is normal. But I would reccommend you to rest up for a while. Don’t do any heavy activities,” the white coated man in front of me said as he flipped through some papers. 

“So… Basically, like per usual?” I replied.

He looked up at me, our eyes met, and he said “Yes, but this time just be extra cautious. Your immune system has gotten weaker, and if anything happens-”

“It wouldn’t be any good. Last time it was a close call right?” I said as I cut him off.

“Yes. And also, your heartbeat, it’s getting slower and slower since your last check-up,” he replied with a worried face.

“It’s also something I have to remember right?” I replied clenching my fist. My thoughts were all over the place. It was my first time on my own, and I thought my life would be better now. I know that my parents must be worried, but I couldn’t help but think that maybe I would be better off gone, than be a burden for them. “Alright then. I’ll go, since we’re done.” I said as I sighed. I got up, and remember that I wanted to ask about Elijah. 

“Hey doc, that drawing. It has the same name as-”

“The kid you played with last time?” The doctor said as he cut my words.

My face couldn’t hide my astonishment for him knowing that I played with him last time. “Yeah. I thought you were only handling young adults, such as myself,” I replied trying to be composed and all. 

“Yeah, but his is a different case. They… Umm… No, I chose to take his case,” he replied.

“What’s his case?” I replied out of curiosity.

“I can’t tell you that. But I think it eould be better for him, if you were to meet him everyday, and play with him. Since his only friend is his brother. Kids like him, usually play outside and make new friends, but he was transferred here, where there are not many kids around his age to play with,” the doctor replied staring at his door.

“What about his parents?” I asked again out of curiousity.

“Well, they only come every Christmas, and in the morning they would leave,” he replied “that kid… He is a bright kid. He learns to smile so that no one would ever worry about him,” the doctor continued with a little smile on his face.

“Then how about the brother?” I asked.

“You might actually know him. He goes to the same university as you do,” he replied “however, he usually comes here every evening. Since that is when his classes ends,” the doctor continued.

“Wow, that’s pretty complicated,” I replied in amazement. “But, I like Elijah. He is just fun to be around. Hmm… I have decided to want to be his friend!” I continued with a statement. I smiled and felt energetic. 

“Haha, okay. Go on then. Get out,” the doctor said looking at me as he laughed. 

“Okay! Bye!” I replied as I went out of his room. 

After I got out of the doctor’s room. I stood in front of Elijah’s room. I couldn’t wait to see him. However, I kept on thinking who his brother was. I could stay until his brother comes and see for myself, or I could just avoid seeing or meeting Elijah’s brother. As I opened the door and turned the handle, I decided. I was just going to avoid Elijah’s brother, and become like a fairy to Elijah. I want him to be happy, but I don’t want to cause any trouble. 

“Hey Elijah!” I said with a big smile on my face. 


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