A Getaway In a Small Town

Processed with VSCOcam with g2 preset

Laras Asri Resort & Spa

Salatiga, Central Java. Indonesia

The clock has struck its hand on the number 2. The sun is barely shining with the clouds covering its light. As I arrived, a warm smile greeted my presence from the small gazebo near the whale sized pond which is filled with clear blue water. I paid the amount of Rp.20.000 plus an additional Rp.10.000 for a towel and entrance.

After paying the entrance fee, I spotted a place to sit. As I got ready to get in the clear blue water, renovations were being done, and chatter with a hint of music was heard from across the renovation site. There was a small child in a yellow swimming suit practicing to swim with an adult beside her.

I got closer to the stairs that descended down the bottom of the blue clear water. As I put my feet in the crystal clear water, I felt a little shiver and coldness go up my spine, but after a while, warmth took over. I swam to the edge, and leaned myself on the stone built half wall. Trees and plants can be seen decorating the brown smurf houses for the guests. As I looked around, there is a dark brown with some stone textures type of bridge connecting one road to the other. There is another bridge once I looked around some more. However, that one is different; it is purely made of stone and asphalt.

After some more rounds of swimming, my stomach growled, screaming of hunger. I went to the small gazebo, and ordered a simple meal to satisfy my stomach. There were various food and snacks to choose from the menu, but I ended up with crispy chicken and rice, and sausages. Each was Rp.18.000. Once I finished my meal, I went for a little walk.


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